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Truss Roof

Residential roofing repair is our bread and butter and main source of revenue. We have a large well-equipped residential roofing team, able and ready to install and repair roofing, guttering, and fascias on a commercial building or private property. Our teams are usually directly employed individuals who complete repairs and installation of complete roofs or roofing materials for homeowners. A majority of the roofing contracts are spread out across the West Midlands.


Our roofers are experienced in working with flat roofing felt rubber roofing and fiberglass roofing products. Flat roofing is the least complex in roof design but required the most attention to detail on site. This is referred to as the domestic market and incorporates garage roofs, dormer roofs, shed roofs, fascias, and guttering.

We often work with a complete variety of roofing materials and can find ourselves working in slates and tiles, EDPM (plastic), sheets and cladding, GRP (fiberglass), zinc, lead, copper, coatings, and even highly-specialized materials such as thatching. There is also often a demand for moss removal, which along with the installation of fascias, is a key additional service which we can provide. We are now starting to receive inquiries for the installation of photovoltaic roofing panels (Green Roofs) as part of a renewable solar system, as we do our business is evolving to meet this new demand.